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Transport in Bangkok (Tuk tuks, car rental, MTA, trains & water taxis)

Getting around within the city boundaries and to locations outside of the city of Bangkok is relatively easy in that there are a number of local transportation options. Once you know where and how to use the local transport you will find things relatively easy.

Tuk Tuks

One of the easiest ways to get the city including to get to other main transport hubs such as the MTA stops is to just jump on the nearest Tuk Tuk. More about Tuk Tuk transport.

MTA (Mass Transport Authority)

Bangkok is a fairly sizeable city and to get across one side of the city to another is best Oriental Expressdone with the MTA is you are within access of a stop. More about the Bangkok MTA.

Car Rental Hire

Freedom to drive in the city and to location sin other part of Thailand can be much easier by renting a car. Most of the major care rental hire companies have offices at the airport and downtown. More about Bangkok car rental.


The State Railway of Thailand and routes such as Eastern and Oriental Express mean opportunities to enjoy the countryside of Thailand whilst enjoying affordable travel. More about trains in and to Bangkok.

Water Taxis

Unique to Bangkok, similar to in cities such as Venice (Italy) and Fort Lauderdale (Florida, USA), this city has the added transport form in Water Taxis. This can be a fun way to travel and adds a cultural aspect to getting around. More about Water Taxis in Bangkok.

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