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First time visitors report - Bangkok for the First Time

1st time in Bakgkok, Thailand

Travelling the world is something which keeps our lives exciting and allows us to broaden our horizons as well as learning from other cultures, but it can also be a daunting experience when visiting areas of the world where we have not been before. Visiting Bangkok for the first time should not be daunting or cause concern as it is an area which Thai food with coconut milkpeople have been exploring and enjoying for decades, finding that the locals are friendly, welcoming and accommodating.

Bangkok is a large city and it can be difficult to decide what to do first. However, navigating the city is easy and reasonably cheap, meaning that you can essentially go out and lose yourself in the many streets without worrying about finding your way back.

The easiest ways to get around are the underground rail systems and the extensive taxi network which is very affordable. It is also fun to take a water taxi in certain areas or a famous tuk-tuk.

When trying to find somewhere to eat in Bangkook there are plenty of choices. If you are open to trying new foods you will find many opportunities, with snack shops and markets on most corners selling things that to others might seem like odd options. There are also more conventional food options readily available.

When circling areas on your map that you would like to visit, be sure to include Silom, Siam, Sathorn, Sukhumvit Road, Pratunam, Riverside and Chidlom-Ploenchit. These are the most popular areas for visitors and they really do have much to offer.

Just like when you visit any major city in the world, take sensible precautions such as not carrying too much money in cash, ideally having prebooked accommodation and ensuring you use the official transport services. Being a buddhist country, you will find the majority if people very friendly and kind in Bangkok. You should still take care though but also do make sure to enjoy what is a fantastic city. Sample the delicious Thai foods, see the Bangkok museums and enjoy a traditional Thai massage.

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