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5 Best Locations in Bangkok, Thailand

Best Places in Bangkok (Dinner Cruise, shopping and Sports Club)

Each year thousands of people from all over the world descend upon the city of Bangkok on their travels. A large number of these travellers will be backpackers, whilst the city is also popular with couples and families due to the wide range of activities available in the city. There is definitely something for everybody to do amongst all of the history and Koh Sammui hotelculture of the city, and below are some of the most glamorous locations in the city.

Siam Paragon, Bangkok

If you enjoy shopping at glamorous stores then this shopping mall is the place for you. Siam Paragon is one of the biggest malls in Bangkok and certainly has the biggest collection of high class stores. Bangkok and Thailand as a whole, is a wonderful location for shoping and everything from clothing to art is worth considering. Siam Paragon Mall Bangkok

Breeze Restaurant Walkway

Breeze Restaurant Walkway is a restaurant which has more to offer than just great food, as suspended 52 floors up the State Tower Building is a 25 metre long walkway which is quite simply an architectural masterpiece. You can walk over the walkway and look on the city below through the see through floor whilst looking over the landscape for miles. Breeze is a tourist attraction in its own right and a place well worth visiting and eating at if you have the time.

Royal Bangkok Sports Club

Here you can watch horse racing and other sporting events whilst enjoying the high level service which adds a distinct feel of glamour to the occasion. You do not have to enjoy sports to appreciate this classy venue and to enjoy a few drinks here. It does help though, when visiting the Royal Bangkok Sports Club, is you do enjoy sports though.

Shangri-la Lobby

With superb views over the Chao Prayer River, this hotel offers the perfect resting point for the tourist in Bangkok. The glamour of the river view is matched superbly by the high quality food and glamorous tango dance floor.

Manohra Dinner Cruise

Whilst technically not a location, the Manohra Dinner Cruise qualifies for this list due to the candle lit dinners which can be enjoyed whilst enjoying fine Thai food and savouring the glorious views along the river. After a day of walking around to see the museums of Bangkok, relaxing and eating on this dinner cruise

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