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Samphanthawong Museum in Bangkok, Thailand

Samphanthawong Museum

There are many museums located in the city of Bangkok but one of the most interesting of these is the Samphanthawong Museum. Located on Tramit road, at the heart of the Chinese dominated area of Bangkok, this museum is best accessed from the entrance of Yaowarat, which is in the Chinatown.

The Samphanthawong Museum is in the same complex as the famous Wat Tramit, which is the home of the Golden Buddha and houses a collection of artefacts, which are dedicated to the preservation of local history. Covering the history of the Chinese Thai Childrens museumimmigration into Bangkok and its exhibits trace the roots of this movement, it also features documentation and artefacts related to the growth and nurturing of this community and how they got to their present state.

The sheer number of Chinese people who migrated to this city is illustrated by this museum in a series of exhibits. A majority of the immigrants were from Southern Chine like the provinces of Fuchien, Tae Chew and Cantonese.

The Samphanthawong Museum in Bangkok has a number of pictures, artefacts and texts which are explained in both English and Thai, which make it easy for locals and foreigners to understand. The museum is open through the day and tickets to enter can be purchased at the entrance.   

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