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Children’s Discovery Museum in Bangkok

Bangkok- Children’s Discovery Museum

The Children’s Discovery Museum encourages children to touch and handle everything and is the perfect place to visit for inquiring and curious young minds. There are areas with challenging questions about the world and children have to try and work out how various items fit and connect together.

In the science area, children get the chance to create their own giant bubble in which they are on the inside. Other areas of the museum discuss the wonders of the human body and the children can check out their own heart rate before and after rigorous exercise.

This really is an excellent museum for Children and adults alike. Be sure to check out the Thai Childrens museumRobot Zoo and allow enough time as there are almost 150 different exhibits for the children to enjoy.

Open: Tuesday's through to Sunday's.

Cost: Subject to change - Fifty to seventy baht.

Location: Chatuchak Park in Bangkok.

Website: NA.

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