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Guide to the Museums of Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Museums guide

Bangkok is a city with a proud history and that pride is reflected in its many museums. Below an overview of some of the best Bangkok Museums and a link to the related page.

1. The Bank of Thailand Museum is a museum which is fun to visit and based in the Bangkhunphrom Palace, you can see trade and business has affected Thai life over the years. More about the Bank of Thailand Museum...

2. The Children’s Discovery Museum as the name would suggest is an excellent bangkok museum if you have kids. It is also great though for adults. Learn more about the Children’s Discovery Museum....

3. Jim Thompson house is not an attraction you have heard of before but it is very much worth visiting. Jim was an entrepreneur who was a very successful American Thailand museumstrader in Thailand and Asia. Learn more about Jim Thompson house...

4. The Forensic Museum offers a fascinating insight and some rather gruesome examples of forensic science and the implements used by some of Thailand’s most notorious criminals.

5. The Museum of Counterfeit Goods offers an amazing display of over 1,500 counterfeit items that range from clothing and leather goods, to electronics, car parts and footwear. On many occasions the genuine article is displayed alongside the fake. To gain entry to the museum it is necessary to make an appointment, but it is well worth the trouble.

6. The Samphanthawong Museum is a very interesting museums which covers Chinese immigration into Bangkok and Thailand. learn about the Samphanthawong Museum in the Thai capital.

7. The Thailand Cultural Centre in Bangkok offers a fascinating insight into Thai culture and history.

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