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Bangkok Jazz festival, Thailand. International annual events

Guide to the annual Bangkok Jazz festival

Bangkok boasts a very active and vibrant Jazz scene drawing music artists from around the world to perform in the city throughout the year. Bangkok Jazz Festival is one of the most prestigious events to be hosted in the city and has international appeal.

The Jazz Festival was started in the year 2003 by the Terminal Xtra Entertainment company. Subsequently, the company has organised the festival on an annual basis. The Festival takes place every December annually and over a 3 day long weekend period. All concerts tend to take place after 5 pm and the day’s event comes to a close at midnight.

Bangkok Jazz Festival was originally set up in order to promote tourism in Thailand and to establish Bangkok’s reputation as a world leader in music. The event has a fixed venue which is the Dusit Palace in Sanam Sua Pa, and every year over 30,000 Jazz fans from around the world attend this event. The main target audiences of the festival are local and Jazz festival in Thailandforeign students as well as music professionals between the ages of 18 to 50 who come to relax and enjoy quality jazz artistes performing in the open air atmosphere of the Dusit Palace.

The event is favoured among locals and foreigners alike and there are tour packages that are available to specifically cater to visitors wishing to be a part of the Bangkok Jazz Festivals. These packages are usually all inclusive, providing boarding, lodging, transport to and from the Dusit Palace and tickets to the event. For visitors who wish to make independent arrangements, festival tickets are sold as both day passes for the individual days and as a combo pass that is valid throughout the course of the festival.

Dates: December.
Location: Dusit Palace in Sanam Sua Pa.

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