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Bangkok Culture - Thailand travel

Bangkok and Thailand as a whole, is a fascinating place in which to find oneself. Thai food and some delicious dishes, a fascinating culture, a number of palaces and museums you must visit and some very good nightlife to enjoy in the evenings. Below an into and link to Bangkok Culture.

Best Irish and English pubs in Bangkok

There are many excellent bars and pubs including local Thai ones of course, in Bangkok. Many backpackers and travellers though love to be able to get an English breakfast and watch the football and catch the newspapers from home. More about the best English and Irish pubs in Bangkok.

Best Local pubs

Learn about the local pubs in Bangkok and some of the best places to drink with the In Chinatown in Bangkoklocals and in the tourist areas. Best local bars.

Thai Food

Dishes such as Thai curry, Khao tom and Khao khluk kapi are just a few thing you must try. Learn more about food in Thailand.


One of the more unusual yet quite interesting museums is the Bank of Thailand museum and others include the Jim Thompson and Children's museums. More about the museums in Bangkok

Best Restaurants

There are so many places to eat in the Thai capital and so many great quality places at that. More about the best restaurants in Bangkok.

Nightlife and Nightclubs

There is no shortage of nightclubs and nightlife and this includes in the major hotels and in local locations and covering all genres of music and tastes. More about Bangkok nightlife.

Events, Exhibitions and Festivals

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Best bars in Thailand