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TEFL Jobs and Teaching English in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok TEFL and English teaching jobs in Thailand

Many people come to Thailand hoping to earn money to pay for their travel expenses and teaching English is one of the best ways to do this. The large number of foreign tourists and the surge in international trade has resulted in an increasing need for locals to learn the English language.

Native English speakers from around the world have taken advantage of this trend and have used it to build a career in Bangkok. This is because teaching English is one of the few occupations that can be carried out legally by foreigners in Thailand.

In the early days, in order to learn English, Thai students were forced to attend specific language schools, but today there are a number of Thai schools that teach English as a Teaching English in Thailandpart of the curriculum. There are many language schools in operation in Bangkok, many of which are part of large chains. There are also some smaller individual schools.

Most of these schools, both small and large, are willing to employ travellers as teachers. Apart from local schools and language schools, people looking to teach English in Bangkok can gain employment in international schools and agencies that send English tutors to Thai companies and schools.

Most of the elite Thai schools of English require that their teachers have former teaching experience as well as relevant qualifications and some of them actually require that their recruits have experience in Thailand. In other smaller schools it is possible to get employed with no prior experience.

Some schools in Bangkok offer opportunities for teachers who are willing to work over the weekend. They are even willing to pay double the amount for weekend lessons. In order to work successfully as a teacher in Thailand, it is important to build up a reputation, and working weekends will help greatly with building contacts and gaining valuable experience.

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