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Guide to the Ratchaprasong area of Bangkok

Guide to the Ratchaprasong area of Bangkok

Ratchaprasong is one of the most vibrant, bustling parts of Bangkok and visitors can get to the region using the Skytrain or other modes of transport. Once in the area, tourists can lake a leisurely walk down the skywalk which the Ratchaprasong area is known for. Ratchaprasong’s skywalk was designed to allow pedestrians to walk freely without having to be mindful of speeding cars and motorbikes; the skywalk presents tourists with a unique way of viewing the area.

Important tourist attractions in the Ratchaprasong area include six shrines to various Hindu deities, the most popular one being the Erawan shrine, which draws over a million Local Thai fooddevotees and tourists to its doors every year. The Ratchaprasong area is also home to one of the most popular temples in Bangkok, Wat Pathumanaram.

Ratchaprasong also has a large number of eateries and food stalls. The malls in the area offer a wide range of options as to where you can eat, with some malls such as Centralworld, hosting close to fifty on-site restaurants. Another popular place to eat is the Erawan Bangkok, which boasts fourteen international restaurants.

As far as entertainment is concerned, Ratchaprasong has something for everyone. Music lovers will enjoy a trip to the Holiday Inn, where DJ’s are sure to have you dancing all night. There are also many Latin dance themed nightclubs in the area as well. Shopping enthusiasts will be pleased with the many boutiques, malls and other shopping outlets in the area.

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