Khoa San Road

Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand

Khao San Road guide

Khao San Road is a small street near the Chao Phraya River, northwest of downtown Bangkok. It’s a magnet for tourists and backpackers because of its bustling excitement and inexpensive accommodation.

Khao san refers to milled rice and that was the chief trade undertaken in the street but now money changes hands in the many bars, restaurants, food stands, Internet cafés, Khao San road shoppingand convenience stores. You will also discover in Khao San Road numerous shops selling “designer” clothes, some massage parlours and a lot of stall traders.

Food and attractions

If you like to try a wide variety of cuisine, then Khao San Road in Bangkok has a tremendous choice of bars and restaurants serving traditional foods from around the globe. Served from street carts are local dishes including classic fare such as fried noodles.

At one end of Khao San Road is the War Victory Temple or Wat Chana Songkram which was formally handed over to the Mon people because they helped the Thai people fight off an invading Burmese army. Travellers and tourists like to visit the temple and sometimes use the grounds as a short cut between Khao San Road and Phra Athit Road. Anyone is free to enter the temple to enjoy the peace and tranquillity which is in stark contrast to the sounds and smells of Khao San Road.

What to see in the Khao San Road area

Within easy walking distance of Khao San Road there are a number of other interesting places that are definitely worth a visit and they include;

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