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Guide to the Don Muang area of Bangkok

Don Muang area of Bangkok

The Don Muang area of Bangkok is one of the popular tourist destinations in the city and the area has plenty of accommodation options for tourists to choose from. Being the area which is home to the Don Muang Airport (out of which most of Thailand’s domestic flights in and out of Bangkok operate) this is also a good area for airport overnight stays. The Don Muang area of Bangkok has many sprawling hotels that tourists can find luxury accommodation in. The most popular hotel in the area is the Amari Don Muang Hotel, which is located directly opposite to the airport.

Attractions and the Royal Thai Air Museum

The area also has plenty of attractions that the tourist can visit. While in the area, do not forget for example to visit the Royal Thai Air Museum, which chronicles the nation’s Don Muang marketslong standing relationship with the aviation industry. There are several golf courses in Don Muang region of Bangkok, with the most popular one being the Kantarat Golf Course.

Restaurants and shopping

Tourists will never run out of a choice of restaurants and eateries in the Don Muang area. International cuisine is favoured by almost all of the in-house restaurants in the local hotels; the region also boasts many Thai fast food places and local eateries. Don Muang is also choc-a-bloc with shopping centres and supermarkets which offer tourists everything from designer clothing to Thai antiques and the like.

For a night out on the town, a visit to the nightclubs in Don Muang’s hotels is recommended. Besides the in-hotel entertainment, the area also has many Karaoke parlours. Taxis and cars are the best options as far as transport in area are concerned. The Skytrain is also a viable option.

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