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Bang Phli District of Bangkok guide

The Bang Phli District of Thailand is part of the Samut Prakan province, which is a neighbouring province which is on the outskirts of Bangkok. This district also called Amphoe is the location of Suvarnabhumi Airport (the main international airport that services Bangkok).

The Bang Phli District was previously unknown to most tourists, but the development of the Suvarnabhumi Airport in 2006 has made it fairly well known. There are a number of reasons why people visit this area and the most important is that it hosts the popular yearly Lotus Flower festival, which is a very sacred festival in Thailand. During this festival, there is a boat that travels through the canal of Bang Phli that carries a replica of the Buddha statue from the famous Wat Bang Phli. The spectators along the banks throw lotuses on the statue.

The Bang Phli district is also known for the manufacturing industry that is Bang Phli Districtestablished here. The area is home to many toy manufacturers, automobile spare parts manufacturers and lingerie manufacturers.

For sports enthusiasts, there are several reasons to visit the Bang Phli district. This area is very well known among Muay Thai practitioners since some of the best camps for this form of Thai kickboxing are located here. There are also many Thai fitness camps situated in the Bang Phli district.

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