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Bangkok vacation rentals, holiday and serviced apartments

There are many accommodation options available for tourists and travelers visiting Bangkok. Upon entering the city via the Suvarnabhumi Airport, travellers who have not already made their hotel bookings are advised to visit one of the Tourist Authority of Thailand’s booths on the airport’s second floor for information on the available accommodation in the city.

Your best bet though to get the best deal is to book in advance and vacation rental and serviced apartments can be a cost and space effective way to stay in Bangkok is you are Bangkok vacation rental apartmentstaying for + 3 days.

Vacation Rentals

The benefit of vacation rentals is that it can work out more costs effective than a hotel, especially for groups. If you are a group of 3+ people thecost per person can mean a great reduction is hotel costs. You often also find that you have extra space in a vacation rental and the use of a kitchen and living room.

Family holiday accommodation

For families, the self catering facilities can be a great plus. The ability to save a lot of money on one or two meals and being able to feed your children foods which you know they like and will be comfortable to eat in a foreign country means that your children often are more relaxed and that means more relaxed parents on holiday.

Bangkok Serviced apartments

Serviced apartments are a variation on vacation rentals and holiday apartments with extra services. One key service you will often find with a serviced apartment is a ported at the main entrance. This can be a disadvantage for some in that some people do not like having someone watching their every entrance and departure - but on holiday this does add an extra level of security. There are many companies in Thailand who offer rentals and you do need to be sure that the apartment or villa in question is being legally let. Try to use an official agency i.e. one which is recommended by the official local tourist board.

Further information: The museums in Bangkok offer a great cultural experience and are one of the best ways to spend your time in the capital.

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