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Best Guest Houses & Homestays - Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok has an excellent selection of Guest Houses, B&Bs and homestays and these offer an interesting and more cultural stay than staying in the large hotel chains. A look below at some of our favourite Guest Houses in Bangkok:

1. K.T. Guest House (Inthamara 44 Din Daeng)

The guest house offers the guests a tranquil retreat where one can experience a warm, friendly and hospitable ambience to make them feel at home. Some of the stupendous facilities include the swimming pool, terraced garden and a first-rate restaurant. The guest house is located close to the Suvarnabhumi International Airport (about 30 minutes) and about 2 minutes drive from the Huay Kwang subway stations.

2. New Siam II Guest House (50 Trok Rong Mai, Phra-A-Thit Road)

The New Siam II Guest house is quiet, modern, elegantly decorated, with a welcoming staff and a good swimming pool. The guest house is located behind the temple that is Best youth hostelsacross the street from the mouth of Khao San Road.


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