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BANGKOK, THAILAND is not only a backpackers paradise and gateway to the rest of Thailand, but it is also a city rich in culture for seasoned travelers. When a lot of people think about Thailand the automatic consideration is to think of the beaches. More and more people though are appreciating the capital itself and traveling to Bangkok for culture based holidays and vacations.

Bangkok offers the vacation and holiday visitor many delightful wonders. The Thai food is arguably one of the best cuisines in world; the temples and palaces in the city make for Greyhound bus to Manhattanexcellent places to learn about Thai culture; the people themselves are relaxed and friendly and always hospital.

The Bangkok markets The location are addition benefits with Bangkok the perfect location for traveling to places such as Chang Mai, Koh Samui, Phuket and Krabi.

On this site we cover everything you will need to know about Bangkok, Thailand including flights to Bangkok, local hotels transport including the popular Tuk Tuks and guides to the best attractions, markets, sites and sounds in the Thai capital.

Thailand is a wonderful country to explore, whether you are a backpacker, luxury traveller or holiday-maker. Some highlights include the:

Thai Travel and Getting by - it certainly will make your experience in Thailand more fulfilling if you try and learn just one or two basic Thai Expressions. Also take some time whilst in the country to experience the architecture and the temples in Thailand. Several companies offer holiday packages and this can be the way way to visit, if you want to ensure that you are protected for any issues i..e with cancellation of any part of your holiday. Thailand is fairly stable politically, but it is always better to be ABTA or Atol protected in case of any issues. Keep up to date with the latest Thai travel news updates.

In terms of flights, you can normally find affordable international flights to the main locations in Thailand with the main flag carriers.

Islands v Bangkok: So many people fly into Bangkok yet choose to head right down to the islands such as Koh Samui, but without experiencing the treasures in the capital. Bangkok has some of the best museums the country has to offer and events such as the Bangkok Jazz Festival are really worth considering. Interested in a 1st timers experience?

Asia - if you are travelling around Seoul, in South Korea, Asia is also well worth a visit (. We also recommend for another interesting in the region. Thailand is very central in terms of multi destination holidays in Asia and is a great base.

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